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Holiday Horror Story

The usual smells people associate with Christmas: Spiced apple, mulled wine, fresh snow on the surface of your lawn while your house is adorned with twinkling lights. What smells do I associate with the rush up to the big day? The stale sweat from excruciating crowds swarming the streets. Cheap house wine, as it splashes upon my shoes from the drunken girl stumbling out of the bar in the over packed pub full of ‘Christmas drinks’. The smell of guilt as it exudes from someone who forgot to buy a ‘Kris Kindle’ Present for their workplace colleague. Now Tom from IT won’t have any new mug to use this year? Why would you do that to him? Christmas can be an amazing time of year, but the build-up can be a hell on earth like no other. Here are my top 4.

Endless Cards
Every year without fail I will spend an evening writing extremely personal and hilarious cards to my most cherished family and friends. I will then send them at the start of December to ensure there are many weeks of display my mas…

8 things Girls love about Gay Guys

Here it is, the inevitable blog post about what girls love about gay guys. You can absolutely take it for granted that if you are a female and we are buddies I have most definitely taken inspiration from our relationship (some more then others obviously) It's common knowledge that girls love gay guys. Unless of course they're weirdly religious then that can some times get in they way. I see you religious sallys laughing behind your hands at my bitchy put down, don't hide it, don't hate.  God loves all, apart from me according to you.  

1 Gossip
It's true, we are gossip whores and we accumulate all the most juicy ripe gossip and keep it in our man bags ready to divulge at our next cocktail get together. Gay guys not only love gossip but people tend to gravitate towards us to unload there own gossip to our ears. God knows why, we will spread that shit all over town.  We don't tend to do the traditional, ‘wait till you hear this’. Us gays like to jazz it up, we li…