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Neck of Leather

Everyone knows one person who has a neck of leather.  Or as it is also know, a brass neck. The common definition of such a person is ‘a type of behaviour where someone is extremely confident about their own actions but does not understand that their behaviour is unacceptable to others’. ‘Look at your woman over there, complete neck of leather skipping the queue’. I have come across an assortment of shenanigans over the years that could only be done by someone who has ownership of one such leathery neck. I intend to spill the beans on them in this post. Prepare to be aghast.  Here are my top 10 hitters.

 Netflix Leather I know the following to be an incredibly true scenario for many of you out there, however, here is one such example. I know of a girl who shamelessly uses her ex-boyfriends Netflix account to get her tv box set fix on the regular. She bold as brass, watches shows such as Gossip Girl far from the taste of her ex thus making her continuous use extremely obvious. His passw…