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Vape Invaders

Smokers these days are more secretive and solemn when sparking up then heroine users on the street. In general you find most of them, skulk in dark secluded corners, eyes continuously darting back and fourth for any onlookers as they take secretive quick puckered puffs of there cigarette that is being held down by there side. The lit end of the cigarette is hidden directly under the palm of their hand, increasing the chances of a self burn. All due to the undeniable sense of deep shame they feel burning hotter the god dam sun. Poor fellas.  When it comes to walking the street, second hand smoke is literally the worst thing to be caught behind. I speed up and over take at the first opportunity.  Occasionally locking eyes with the person as I pass, both  of us understanding the reason for my Usain Bolt like speed. Both of us agreeing that it is necessary.  So why is it when you have the unfortunate luck of wandering in the path of person using a vape, they will meet your gaze with a det…