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Gym Tales

So here is a shocker. I enjoy the gym. I really do. As a stress head I find that it helps relax me. As a vain mother fecker it soothes my ego to see some progress on this hot body.  All of this is a great bonus, however, my favourite thing to do at the gym is people watch. Not that way you perv. I am not talking about salivating over all the muscle bodies. Well not much anyway. I am more interested in the slightly off beat chaps that you encounter. These folk can offer some serious comic value as long as its not at your own expense.

The other evening, during my stretches I noticed a girl next to me of a similar age wearing cow girl boots. I presumed she was on a quick demo tour of some sort checking out what the gym had to offer, but then I noticed the weights in her hands. Nope, girl just likes to work out in some western Daisy Dukes.  While we are on the topic of clothing - why do some gents wear jeans to the gym? recently there was even a chap wearing green cords. Not everyone in t…

Snow's what I mean

What is the deal with everyones reaction to the sudden appearance of some sporadic snow? The entire population of London could talk of nothing else for an entire week with pre game talk beginning at the end of the previous week. I am  halfway through my 6th year living in this urban metropolis, It has snowed heavily once. To be fair, the one time it did in 2012, It snowed really bad and it did cause mayhem as the cities prep for such an event at the time was non existent. I know this all to well as I was trapped by Piccadilly circus for 2 hours in the middle of the night getting sober by the minute and getting wetter by the second. Side note, I was wearing a cardigan as a coat, I assure you it was a chunky knit and was the height of fashion at least to me at the time. Bad choice.  Further side note, I was so new to London I went out to a club on Piccadilly circus. Those were the days. 

The weather stations and the BBC had the entire population of the United kingdom believing that the s…