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Good Place for a Camp, My Childhood.

Every now and then, its inevitable to frequent a article stating if you can related to half of the content you know you're a 90’s kid etc. Well in honesty i relate to a few items but never the entire thing, maybe that means my childhood was incredibly rare and the stuff me and my friends got up too is complete freakish and alien compared to the rest of our generation. Lets find out shall we as i delve into my own little version of ‘You know you had a similar childhood thing as me, if these things happened to you also in some way or other, during the 90s and 00’s and all that.’ High warning some of these maybe incredibly Irish. 
Everywhere was a ideal location for a Camp
Me and my friends where obsessed with the ideal of creating the dream camp. Walking along a alley way, through a ditch, dirty back end gardens cornered off for being a little bit dangerous, one of us would turn to the other and go ‘ this would be the ideal location of a camp'. This would draw up the wondrous imag…