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Go Hard or Go Home

Go Hard or Go Home
It was that time of year again where like every one else, i dreamed of a week long getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Through weeks of meticulous planning and whittling down the various destinations myself and Sinead settled on 7 days in Corfu.  Or in reality we booked last minute and seemed like it would do the job just fine. Oh sun, sea and a pool for 7 whole days  simply smashing. Right about here i should clarify that it was in fact 7 days in Kavos Corfu. Oh i can see the understanding already dawning on the faces of many of my english readers, thats right, it was Kavos, go hard or go home. I blame being Irish for my total lack of knowledge of this being a ‘Hav it’ holiday.  I was finally informed by work colleagues after booking as to what i could of expected. Feck it i thought, it would do.
Late night flights
Flights were at ridiculous o clock.  Flying with Monarch Airlines, lets just say there just as shit as ryan air with one key difference, they…