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Not a Pot to Piss in

It comes with great sadness and regret that I write this post.  Once again I let myself fall victim to one of life’s worst case scenarios. A scenario played out by many of you out there, even on a daily base. You are so brave to go through it. This post is written in reflection.  I am a survivor. I hope to never to be exposed to the trauma and panic, I lived through that day.  My name is Ray and I boarded a train with a full bladder. Here is my story. What can I say? I have been blessed with a fully functioning strong willed and at times unstoppable bladder control. Countless friends I have come to know are not so lucky.  It is this reason that I tend to skip the customary bathroom check before heading out on a long commute.  I should have known better given my friends around me seem to have bladders the size of a peach pit.  I was caught unaware. Its a common story, told many times over. You know yourself;  I was out for a few Jars with some friends. Time came to make my way home. I…