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Heat Wave Behaviour

Heat Wave Behaviour
Given the current trend in extreme heat we are experiencing, i couldn’t help but make my blog yet again topical and reflect on this ‘summer summer summer time.....’ ( your supposed to sing those words) weather while we are still basking in its glorious rays. From my last entry i had no iota that the heat would actually last this long, how lucky are we its like we relocated to spain or something eh? Almost a entire month of nothing but sun sun sun. Now what will everyone complain about? Oh i know. ‘its so hot at night, i cant sleep a wink not a wink’. ‘I’m the same, i sleep out side the covers now, OUTSIDE THE COVERS can you believe such a thing’. ‘Thats nothing Mary, i sleep bollox naked inside my fridge freezer, you have too sure, how else will you get any sleep at all?’. For once in my life i am sleeping perfectly sound. What ever it is about the hot air and high temperatures i go comatose and get the good eight hours of sleep needed each night.  Keep it coming.