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It's about Equality

On May 22nd, Ireland will vote in a referendum that chooses whether to pass and legalise gay marriage.  By now, you will have seen numerous articles, press releases and statements from public figures preaching the importance of this up and coming referendum. I am not one for being serious.  I am a firm believer in taking the Mick out of situations in order to lessen the emotional burden of the harder parts of life.  This topic however is very close to my heart. So I will try.  All I want to do is tell you my point of view. If you vote, which side you choose, is up to you. 
What are you saying yes too?
There seems to be a great deal of confusion as to what this vote will actually mean.  I want to break it down.   Saying yes, means you want to give equal right to those born homosexual as those heterosexual in regards to whether they can get married. Personally speaking, I am a 27 year old man. Just like the majority of my friends, I have no idea if I will ever get married. The differen…

Where are my shoes?

For me personally I rarely make a purchase of shoes online. I'm a in store kind of guy out of sheer necessity. I am the person that is all different sizes when it comes to shoes. What size shoe are you? You might ask me. That depends what shoe we are talking about. Are we talking a boot, a loafer, are we talking trainers because if we are that makes it more complicated.   See what I mean. So buying shoes on line, for me is far too long. What if I get the wrong size? No one wants the hassle or returning a online purchase.  For this reason I usually stick to the store purchase. I say usually, because recently like a fool I did the dog and tried to buy online again.  Its the lure of a bargain that wipes my memory temporarily. I love a good bargain. Come on who doesn’t?  
There I was minding my own business when I was browsing Amazon, as I tend to do a lot of the time.  Chances are, if we are texting back and forth. I am on Amazon the entire time. ‘I think I might have to tell my boy…

Drink alone 2

So it was pointed out almost a millisecond after I posted my previous blog, I had excluded a fundamental activity in today's society. Whats your view on drinking alone? Shout out to Michael who brought it up first. Shockingly, it was not something I thought of and thus never became part of what i wrote in my previous blog post ' Going it alone'.  From this fruition comes part two.  Drinking. I shall break this down into a couple of sections to discuss my thoughts on this *sips glass of red wine*. Joking. I never sip. I gulp.
Home Alone

For a lot of people, they like nothing better then getting home. Kicking off there shoes, loosening there ties, pouring a glass of wine, or popping a cap off a beer, and relaxing, either in the bath or in front of the TV for a few blissful hours. Some R&R time. Some me time.  Some take it further and hook a IV of vodka straight to there veins and turn on hardcore pornography. To each there own. Personally I don't drink at home alone.…

Going it alone

In todays busy world, its a given, that at certain times activities you need to part-take in will be conducted alone. To some of us, the chance to have some much needed ‘me time’ is a blessing, to others, the thoughts of this leaves them in a panic.  It is impossible to have someone there to do everything with you, even if they are a partner or spouse, they will ultimately have prior engagements and this leaves you little lady to fend for yourself.   In honesty this blog post has been brought on in part with the recent urge to leave it all behind and indulge my inner back packer.  Thats right, I'm considering leaving the London life behind for awhile and head travelling across this globe we call home.  As I would be travelling alone, it has forced me to be completely honest with myself in what I am prepared to do alone and what I will have to grow accustom too.  So heres the clincher. What are you willing to do alone? I have complied a short list of what I think are the standard …