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New Year equals new me? Probably not.

Morning sunshine How was your time at home? Did you have a good time over the holidays?

How you would want to answer. ‘Feck off, I'm depressed enough about the fact I'm not rich enough to not work yet, do you really want to make me more annoyed on the first day back by regaling you with various tales of frivolity I enjoyed during my time away from the daily slog? You just ruined my coffee this morning, my only solace on the most harrowing of days. cheers for that love. Now if you don't mind I am going to don this black cloak to avoid anyone else intercepting my route back to my office with more small talk regarding the past holidays!’If only society allowed you to answer this way eh? Here’s what your conversation sadly actually looked like
‘Morning, How was your time at home?
Internally screaming and using all your self control to prevent the all-consuming urge to roll your eyes, you turn and say ‘Hello, yes really good thanks. Loved being home. You?’
‘Oh you know…