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Hit the bid button

Its time for a confession.  Over the last few months, i have developed a new addiction. It comes in  many shapes and forms. Its slowly getting worse.  Online shopping.  To be more specific, rummaging through eBay for good deals.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it too.  I am selective in what tickles my fancy, more then anything it appears i have developed a unquenchable taste for random vintage wonders.  I do not tend to go for the norm either, no sheets and curtain rails for me, oh no i like it random, used, old and a mystery to what the purpose of it is. One thing i have learned more of late is that you should always read the fine print. Oh yes, get your glasses on and inspect those minuscule fonts at the bottom of the page, miles away from the ever alluring BID button.  Lets talk pit falls.  I have gotten to great gems from eBay, my favourite all time being in the chair I'm a sitting on as i write this message. It also happened to be one of the first things i ever bought on eBay. L…