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Summertime minus the good weather

SummertimeThe weather today could only be described as dull with a some what sporadic sprinkle of break through the clouds sunshine. The same as it as has been for days now or weeks. In other words - it's summer time in Great Britain and Ireland. Before me,  from this coffee shop window I see many Londoners and tourists and some drug addicts too donned in shorts and tank tops even flip flops.  I myself am no - pretty dam covered up, t as I do not like exposing my body when it's not sunny & hot as I am not total spas. Shorts, ok i  can get on board with, but not the dreaded flip flop. Really? Are we walking down the beach in sunny Marbella or walking down a side street in dull cast London? I don't fancy seeing your rank athletic foot infested feet thanks bitch. ( On the topic of feet has any one ever seen a person cut there toe nails on the tube? Seriously you filthy hobo no one wants that shit as they devour  there crime novel as the tube shuffles along at rush hour!).