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Things that are currently on my mind - Justin Bieber

I can no longer hide my frustration with Justin Bieber. No This little bleached twat needs a right good telling off. How bloody dare he. Let me tell you what I am currently mid way through plotting. I to want book a connection flight, low cost, indirect to Los Angele's possibly stopping 3 times, once in New York, once in Seattle and then one final grueling stop over in Sacramento before hitting the Tarmac in LA. I will wait around for 1 hour tediously awaiting luggage to arrive on the conveyor belt. After stopping for a latte, I  will get on a bus to Hollywood boulevard as taxis are totally over priced. Once there I will  sneak onto a Hollywood hills tour by hiding inside a Chinese ladies handbag as we both know it's bound to be big enough. I will do a complete tour firstly, as lets face it, its going to be super interesting and I am bound to get enthralled by the witty tour guide Katy. On the second time round, as soon as it stops outside Selena Gomez’s house, I will hit the …