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Welcome to our house share

One of the most soul destroying things you will ever do by far, in my humble opinion, is flat hunt in the bustling city of London.  Its not truly the process of moving that annoys me and deters me away from it, its the looking. More than the looking, its looking at ads online.  Is there anything less appealing? I’d rather be stabbed in the eye than look through any more ‘try hard’ ads by pretentious assholes with a fondness of kittens. Lets run through the kind of gold you would genuinely come across on a daily bases. No comedic license needed here.  The following will contain actual exerts from real life ads I have come across over the last few weeks online.  
‘Hello, bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola’  Why the hell do you have to say hello in so many languages? Are you trying to force feed me the obvious facts here, that the house is bi-lingual? That the house mates could cast an entire advert for the united colours of fucking bennetton? Piss off and choose one word. 
‘SPACIOUS double room wi…