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You Know what Really Bugs Me: Socialising Edition

There is nothing i enjoy more then going out with friends and socialising. Whether this is catching up over a bite to eat, or hitting the tiles with a couple of drinks, I'm all for it.  Given my nature it is undoubtedly that i will take note of the awkward and plan annoyances that can come up around these events.  So here we go, a list of ‘You know what really bugs me’ Socialising edition. 

Softly blow drying your hands

Your enjoying a last minute catch up with a best mate. Your having a whale of a time, gossiping about those mutual friends that no one really likes. You excuse yourself to quickly pop to the bathroom to do your business and intend on returning before the starters arrive. You wash your handles carefully as to not spread germs as your a careful mother fucker. The soap is cheap and therefore you will be smelling it for days off as it never seems to wash off. You turn, catch sight of the hand dryer, your heart stops. Its one of those non branded hand dryers simply labell…