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Are you a commuting Pariah?

Over the last few years, i have been mentally calculating a list of the most socially unacceptable behaviour to display in front of others on public transport. Given the time I spend on public transport daily, I have encountered each and every one one of these qualities, sometimes all in the one person. Here is my Top Ten list. If any of these at all seem familiar, shame on you. I am judging. You are a commuting Pariah my friend.
1) - Eye Contact
Given the sitting situation on the tube, potentially unavoidable.  You know how it is. sitting across the way from a fellow passenger, you notice them come in and sit down a stop after you. You notice how attractive they are so maybe your eyes linger a little longer than is socially acceptable. Eventually you are caught staring and you begin a never-ending game of eye contact tennis.  An even more awkward situation is when someone blatantly stars at you with no shame whatsoever, you find yourself sneaking side glances to see if they're stil…