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Going Nowhere Fast

Unless You have been actively living under a rock or in a cave, it has been a pretty traumatic month weather wise this side of the world.  You cannot go on Facebook these days without a flooding status being on your feed.  Coming from Cork lads, i guess we are all used to this sort of thing as the city has been flooding all our lives.  This weather truly has been taking the piss, the extreme winds, turbo rain and frosty mornings, will have you believing your living inside the polar vortex. Did you know with the sudden decrease in temperature that there is a 37 precent rise in male perky nipples? There are guys walking around looking like Madonna striking a Vogue. Just saying.  Besides, cutting electricity effecting peoples holidays and literally ruining peoples lively hoods up and down the UK & Ireland, the weather has also effected our transport in the very city that seems lest effected. London. Thats right people, the folk at home have to canoe to get to a ATM to withdraw there …

Where the Wi-Fi at?

As close as London is to home, I do not get to play host as often as i would like. Therefore, when the opportunity for a visit comes my way from the pals back home i  tend to jump on it like a car bonnet. Although, i would never, jump on a car bonnet. First off, i don’t own a car and i have seen far to many road rage interactions between taxi men screaming at people for touch the hood of there cars. Besides i don’t tend to jump, not much. Not really ever. Unless of course a song i just love comes on in a club. Then who does jump up and down like a little girl shouting ‘OH MY GOD’? Me just me? No? You at the back? No you don’t agree, ok just me, moving on. 
Show Time
A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of playing host, to friends from home. My good friend Elaine, and of course the bestie Sinead.  They were over for a weekend of fanciful fun frills.  They would be staying a entire friday through to the weekend.  Game on. I get to show them what my life in London’s all about, how i spent my…