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Thanks A Latte

Through my life and its various ups and downs there has always been one constant.  This has been my go to guy, my always there, my shoulder to cry onto or in some instances lick viciously.  My constant companion and there isn’t  a hot enough bitch to get in between us.  This is of course, my first love, my true rock, Coffee.  You might laugh, you might even agree but its true.  Part of me is coffee.  Given the amount i drink, that might be literally true, I'm sure my blood stream is partially  coffee, maybe just in the hands or something.  My relationship with coffee goes back to before my teens. Roll dreamy montage. Nescafe generously popped two free samples of there latest instant into the door early on a summers morning, my mother had one of them and i had the other.  Back then of course it was accompanied by its friend full fat 3 teaspoons of sugar. Cut to me 1 hour later banging off the walls full of caffeine convinced i was a donkey who barks at door handles. Needless to say…

This isn't the nightclub is it?

Lets go back to when wet look hair gel was my vice and i couldn’t go out without my silver dog tags. Thats right people, I'm going back to my college days. Set the scene
*In the year 2008 i moved to Dublin to start a internship as part of my degree. Niamh who was also doing the same degree was also placed in Dublin, we moved in together.  We moved in with Bridget who Niamh had grown up and had been living in Dublin since the last September. Straight to the point, we all became best friends from our time living together. This blog post is going to centre around  summer 2008 a weekend trip were i went to Kerry with Bridget for the first time to go out with Niamh as she had already moved back.  Shit went down is basically what I'm trying to saying.*

Getting the train to Cork at this stage was a passed time of mine. We would be hitting up Cork Friday evening my home, my hood, my ghetto and would be spending the night at my parents house. Then  we were to heading on to Kerry the…

From Home to Home

This year is going super fast, isn’t it? Before you rush to get me a wheel chair, a portable TV with Count down re-runs. Stop its ok, i know its a old thing to say. But it has, lads its bloody well October already? Do we have to put away the shorts and bring out the long johns? I think that would be best. As of yesterday, i began the familiarly cruel 10 minute walk to the tube in the early morning, freezing my bollox off, dreaming heavily about the trapped stuffy smelly condensed air that awaits me on the glorious tube. This is of course in direct contrast to my summer feelings towards same said air. I cannot lie. When it comes to winter, it is your ally your comrade, your best bud. I welcome it thus, come here to me you fine thing, wrapped your stall breath in and around my face, thats right, don’t forget my ankles, which continue to show as fashion dictates. Back to my point. Winter is coming. Alas we must wait until April for new Game of Thrones. 
I wont lie, i wont protest, i will …

You Know What Really Bugs Me

The weather outside can be summed up in one word. A word i use a lot. Shite. I think with the sudden change in weather, those optimistic London public park goers moods have officially switch from, ‘ great weather we’re having, loving the summer, pass the margarita’ to the same old ‘ OI MOOV UR FAAT FUKIN FACE MAT’ all over again.  Thats right oh joy, its the return of the rude London public.  So with that in mind i thought i would discuss what annoys me and nothing irks me more then rudeness. Is there a need? if on the tube and someones muffin top is leaking into your side of the chair, can you not say, ‘Apologies but it appears your kind of leaning towards me, which makes my journey slightly uncomfortable, please be a doll and a take a bit more care? Thanks darling’ resumes to read his or her copy of Wolf Hall. No why would you bother when it can be summed up shouting ‘ YOUR FATS ON MY ARM YOU MASSIVE LARD ARSE’.  Where have all the manners gone? Now i know what your thinking, you re…