Snow's what I mean

What is the deal with everyones reaction to the sudden appearance of some sporadic snow? The entire population of London could talk of nothing else for an entire week with pre game talk beginning at the end of the previous week. I am  halfway through my 6th year living in this urban metropolis, It has snowed heavily once. To be fair, the one time it did in 2012, It snowed really bad and it did cause mayhem as the cities prep for such an event at the time was non existent. I know this all to well as I was trapped by Piccadilly circus for 2 hours in the middle of the night getting sober by the minute and getting wetter by the second. Side note, I was wearing a cardigan as a coat, I assure you it was a chunky knit and was the height of fashion at least to me at the time. Bad choice.  Further side note, I was so new to London I went out to a club on Piccadilly circus. Those were the days. 

The weather stations and the BBC had the entire population of the United kingdom believing that the situation would resemble a blizzard of Siberia proportions. The BBC were live streaming there weather predictions and had record viewings. Have you ever heard something more ridiculous? The entire week everyones conversions were peppered with discussion of impending doom by snow. ‘How will we get to work?’ ‘Will the tubes still work?’ ‘Its going to be a disaster’ ‘What about my hair’ Okay so the last one was just me. The general consensus being snow is irritating and everyone would sooner it sashay away.

Thursday evening the few speckles of snow appeared in the sky and everyone went bloody ape shit. Not in panic as they all threatened they would but in sheer delight. I have never seen so many people pull other there phones and start filming short of a Beyonce concert. Instagram, Facebook and Snap chat were alive with crappy low quality videos where the few brief snow spells were barely visible. Bless. The pictures on social media did make me craic up. I imagined countries such as Russia and Iceland commenting ‘cute’ underneath. It seemed  all terror and panic dispersed instantly.  Almost as fast as the snow on the ground due to wet weather prior to its short lived falling. The reality is, everyone in London loves a bit of snow and are delighted when there is a chance it will make an appearance even if it’s short lived however that will never get in the way of a good old moan about how it may effect there daily commute. God forbid. 

The city did not shut down. The tubes still ran. Better then usual. Shade at TFL. Its about time we realise that the chances of this city suffering a snow storm is pretty low. About once in six years and that was for only 3 days. 


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