Drink alone 2

So it was pointed out almost a millisecond after I posted my previous blog, I had excluded a fundamental activity in today's society. Whats your view on drinking alone? Shout out to Michael who brought it up first. Shockingly, it was not something I thought of and thus never became part of what i wrote in my previous blog post ' Going it alone'.  From this fruition comes part two.  Drinking. I shall break this down into a couple of sections to discuss my thoughts on this *sips glass of red wine*. Joking. I never sip. I gulp.

Home Alone

For a lot of people, they like nothing better then getting home. Kicking off there shoes, loosening there ties, pouring a glass of wine, or popping a cap off a beer, and relaxing, either in the bath or in front of the TV for a few blissful hours. Some R&R time. Some me time.  Some take it further and hook a IV of vodka straight to there veins and turn on hardcore pornography. To each there own. Personally I don't drink at home alone.  Not that I judge others for doing it, its just simply something i don't do.  I am more of, pop the kettle on. Rummage through cupboard to find the biscuits, load up the netflix and bulk watch what ever show I am currently blasting my way through nightly. These  days guys, its Bobs Burgers.  Those that know me, or have become a reader of my blog are well aware that I do not shy away from a drink. Far from it.  Need proof, arrive at my house with some drink I will prove it. Also I will get some free drink out of your non belief. I just don’t ever think of doing it alone. It doesn’t appeal to me to drink at home alone. If a friend called round with a bottle or red, now that is a different story. Lets crack it open and talk about old times. 

Video Phone

One thing I general miss most, living in a different country to my nearest and dearest is the chance to go for a quiet drink and just catch up over a few glasses of wine or pints of beer. I love going for a few drinks in the pub in the evening, or for that matter on a Sunday afternoon. Nothing major, no need for a stomach pump. Its just nice and social.  Whats a drink between friends. An ingenious idea struck myself and Sínead awhile back to try and re-create our quiet drink days.  Have a drink over a video Skype call.  As pointed our earlier. I do not like the idea of drinking alone, however, if your buddy is there on the computer screen, raising a glass then, cheers big ears lets drink and chat.   We each had a bottle of red and thinking back i think polished them off nicely.  I recommend it. We had a great catch up. then hang isn't recommended.

Find me in the Pub  - or not

A lot of my braver friends have no troubles rocking over to the local public house, armed with a book or a pad to write on, order a pint and sit down in the corner happily working. There are many reason I wouldn’t do this.  Firstly I could never write after a drink, my god, I have enough issues as it is with grammar and spelling.  I dread to see the errors that would come about if my accompanying drink of coffee was substituted for a beer.   Second reason, as I drink, my jokes become filthier and therefore a pen at the ready would turn my blog from mildly offence in a tongue in cheek kind of way to all out ‘Your blog post has been removed for breaking guidance’.  Generally you would find me in the cafe around the corner. Second cup of coffee in, tapping away on my Mac. 

The only time I tend to drink alone in the pub is when waiting for a friend.  This I do not mind, I rather wait inside then outside. At lest I have  drink inside that can occupy my hands. This of course can be subjective to the pub you are sitting alone in.  Some Gay bars, alone, can be dangerous. Dangerous in the matter of strange weirdos who take it upon themselves to try and keep me company.  Do not get me wrong I am all for chatting to new people, but for some reason the people I attractive when I am alone are not the kind of people that you want to be caught drinking with. ‘Ray who's your friend in the wet suit?’ ‘This is Hank, he smells of fish and wants me to come back to his wheeling bin. - Help me!’.  Am I the only one that gets the whole, ‘cheer up, you look so sad’ Comments? I have to inform the world I inherited a resting bitch face.  I am not upset.  I am not angry my face just looks that way. You coming up say so does indeed make me angry though. Feck off. 

Find me in the club - or not

Waiting in a nightclub for a friend to turn up can be absolutely terrible. Have you ever been in a nightclub by yourself because you have lost your friends? Yeah, me too. All the time actually. I dread it. Traditional bars and clubs, that hold a normal capacity you are never lost for long. If its early enough you find yourself at the bar, getting yourself a drink, as you are sure your friends are bound to pass looking for you. Clubs these days, with a capacity of 2000 and 4 floors. You find yourself tracking signs of friends long lost up narrow staircases, hidden passages for what feels like days, until you give up, line up at the cloak room to gather your coat, when you spot your friend in the corner with what looks like a exotic dancer.  Braver friends i have, much braver then me - frequent the clubs alone.  that's right, line up, enter, get a drink and wander around the club alone. To look at this situation subjectively it probably makes more sense to go to a club alone, you have no one holding you back, you can head straight to the main dance floor if your choose, you don't have to stay in the grimy RnB room if you do not want too, its ok. This sounds incredibly freeing to me.  You can go make friends more easily as you simply in many ways have no choice, there is no safety blanket of friends circled around you, dancing to single ladies.  This is the final frontier people. Clubbing alone.  I have made no secret of my thoughts on travelling, so who knows i may have to go to a club alone, it could be fun, certainly an experience. 

In honesty, drinking alone for me seems in many ways pointless.  I associate drink with being social.  When alone, I am not being social, and therefore i forgo the beer in the place to tea and coffee. Bliss in my eyes. More often then not, i just don't want the hang over without any of the memories of catching up with a friend. Thats what makes a hang over worth it, the memories that are made from the night spent amongst friends. Don't get me wrong. Drinking in a pub or club alone, now here is a different story,  I can see the appeal. So many opportunities to make new friends. As i said, it sounds freeing. Could you do it?


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