Did we think it through?

If a chap came up to you in the local boozer this evening, struck up a conversation about this and that, and the topic settled upon love and marriage and for instance the innocent stance on marriage was brought up with the usual, would you ever malarkey. A throw away comment once loaded with undertones was aimed in your direction with the octave going up on the final word to suggest its a direct question which you now must answer. ‘Is it even Legal for you to get married?’. Images are immediately drawn up of the most recent public referendum, the controversial stand the no side of the campaign choose to to use, the smear posters completely off topic cleverly used to confuse those in the public who had not yet formed an opinion. The emotional win, which got worldwide attention, the personal win all homosexuals in Ireland felt and the true acceptance which comes with it.  All fine images if you ask me and part and parcel of what just happened. You could divulge these you could. But you don’t.  As you can answer in a very proud one worded way. ‘Is it even legal to get married in Ireland?’. Yes. Yes, my brethren, it is. 

A better image is to pretend the referendum was chosen by the old panel of the X Factor, particularly mister Louis Walsh. ‘ Its a yes from you, your going to be a star Ireland, I can feel it, you are already a star’. He then stands up and proposes to Simon.  That’s it. It’s in. Yes we can.  I previously posted an article about my feelings on what the referendum would mean to me and my country and I truly feel blessed to see that it may be a reality.  Living history.  One thing that has come to mind though. Something I don't think anyone of us have taken into consideration. As we are equal. There is something our fellow single citizens have been putting up with for decades. 

So when are you getting married? 

Ah fuck. Really? I just wanted the choice. It’s all so sudden. Starting now my friends, every family event, every school, college, work, book club reunion night out you have for the rest of your days will start with a simple accusation more than questions. Are you married or worse when are you going to get married. Or as most the family puts it, ’When are you going to give us a day out?’.  Thats right, its no longer the question for your sisters and brothers, you also get lumped with these beauties.  Hope you have an answer, because this one isn’t easy to simply shrug off. 

Are we now going to age equally? 

Traditionally, we Gays, get away with it. We truly do.  At the age of 38 you could still be out busting a move in a nightclub until 5 in the morning and the rest of the world would roll up, give you a gentle knock on the chin, smile adoringly at you and say ‘ what are you like, you little scoundrel’. Are those days over? Will they instead think, god, look at him still out, its so sad, he should be at home with a husband and 2 adopted kids, growing up and the likes. 

Dressing your age?

At a certain age, do we now have to lock up our skinny black jeans. Get those white t shirts and assorted hats and lock them up in the attic, adorn some cords and get ready for the dad jumper season which never ends. Do we have to now dress our age? The majority of the world seems too. This scares me more than the others. I refuse I refuse I refuse. Cut to me 70 years old. Skinny black jeans, baggy white t shirt walking down the street to collect my pension muttering between gasps of air ‘I still got it’.

Do we stop having sex?

Now we can get married does that mean the marriage is the same? Don’t straight couples stop having intercourse at a certain time in the marriage, usually have a few kids.  At a certain time in the marriage do we simply have to go, well, that’s it for sex and give it all up. Donate all the toys to a charity shop. Stop buying Andrew Christian underwear. Invest in a bedside lamp and stock up on the latest bestsellers because the most action you’re bed is now going to get is the action packed crime novel your currently blasting through as lets face it, you have got some time. 


Equality means equal guys. We wanted it, we asked for it. We got it.  This means we of course need to give up the need to live by today’s latest fashion trend, Club to the early hours and settle for no longer being the Enigma at the party. Luckily for you, the cords you are currently wearing, have extra big pockets so you can carry around that book you’re currently reading. Lets face it, your going to finish it tonight in bed before sleep because that’s what your bed is now used for, reading and sleeping. 


This of course is said in jest. I will of course not live by any of these rules if I  ever marry.  I have course couldn’t be prouder of Ireland and the vote. I myself did indeed fly home and took part. 22nd of May 2015 Ireland passed a referendum to legalise gay marriage. History living. 

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