Five minutes in: New Hair Cut

For everyone who knows me, I am literally my hair. Yes I did just quote Lady Gaga, which is incredibly homosexual of me, but then again I am  one so I think I can do so. Anyway; my hair, is very important to me. Why? Who knows. But it always has been. From the early teenage years where by I piled wet look gel into my blonde tresses making me look like a poor infantile version of every late 90’s boy band members. The cows lick was my best friend. I have sampled all the hair styles, but in recent years I have found a style that suits my face and style. Long on top, short on sides.  Yes predictably its the same long quiff look that most lads my age are sporting these days.  

Every now and then I forget myself. Inspired by some fashion article, Instagram post - person in the street, I think wow maybe I should cut my hair up into that style.  I could pull that off.  Recently I had delusions of grandeur, I ended up with a top knot and a moustache for a good 6 months. All of my friends assured me at the time that I was pulling it off in spectacular style. As soon as the moustache was shaved out of boredom and the hair taken out of the top knot came the sudden realisation that it did not suit me at all. On the contrary, one friend put it that it was like I decided to put on a ugly mask for half a year. Cheers for informing me. This is the reason I love my hair dresser, it was in our first appointment she said ‘Oh no a top knot would never suit you at all’ With out further consent she start to cut it out. 

That is the back story of what my hair means to me. Also how little I can rely on others for honest opinions, in the past anyway. I have everyones assurance that they will indeed tell me if I make a mistake again.  Back to my point. I always get sudden inspirations to change it up. I do it with my clothing style all the time, why not with my hair?  The last time this happened was about 9 months ago. I went into my hair dresser with this photo of a hair cut that had a deep undercut and the top spilled over the side with this texturised chopping shorter hair style that looked messy and manageable. As someone who has to blow dry my hair to perfection everyday, I lusted after such a carefree style.  Maki ( My hair dresser - who I adore) Looked hesitant, but I was insistent that we give it a try, after all it was my hair. Whats the worst that can happen. She begins her extremely precise cut. An hour and a half later,I like what I see, thank her, pay and leave feeling pretty good about myself. 

As I sit on the tube heading home five minutes later I catch my reflection.  Suddenly I am trusted into thoughts of..

Oh that is a bit short. Did I ask for it to be this short.  Flashes of memory of me asking for it to be cut even shorter and a hesitant Maki obeying. 
I look really young. This has taken years off me. Wait I look really really young. I look like I am 12. 
I look like a peanut
Oh look that guy has my old hair cut. Mmm its still really trendy. 
Oh god. My hair looks really messy.  Okay calm. This is what you wanted. 
Its all sticking up at the back.
I look like a bowling pin. 
Oh god I have a wedding coming up. Will this not be a bit un professional looking in a suit?
Its standing on end at the sides of my head - this under cut is really obviously too. 
Does my head look a bit more peanut shaped?
I look like a peanut
God it really makes me look even more gaunt then I am. 
Feck I look even skinnier then before. Like I need to look even more skinny. 
My head is cold. 
I look like a peanut. 
*Rubs the back of my head* oh my god, its so short. 
*Pulls fringe down to see the length* Oh my god it doesn’t even reach my eye brows*
What the hell have I done. Its so short.  Its almost summer and I have gotten rid of my long blonde hair.  I am going to get seriously bad bed hair. 
I feel ugly. I hate this. 

I spent the next 4 months refusing any approach on cutting the top of my head when I attend the hair dressers.  I promise never to cut the top to such extremes again.  Luckily Maki my hair dressers gives me her honest opinion each and every time - such as when I had the idea of a short fringe cut recently her narrowing eyes and checking of my hair and head shape was enough to assure me it was not in my best interest to go ahead with that look. Bless her. When you find a hair dresser who is honest. Keep them. 

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